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Hi !
I’m a breeder from Middle Slovakia. I’m interested in fish breeding approximately 25 years. My fish farm is situated in flat/30m2 – almost 8000l/. I’m focused mainly on fish farming of /paracheirodon axelrodi/ and papilichromis ramirezi. My customers are traders dealing with selling fishes for retail outlet.
In case of your interest do not hesitate to contact me anytime. You can find contact details in column Contact.
I’m interested in fish farming since my childhood. My father with his positive attitude to environment and countryside taught me everything about fish breeding. At that time glass aquariums weren’t very common. Despite the fact many aquarists reached unbelievable results, which were a dream for me.
After reached success in breeding of fishes like guppys , xiphophoruss, mollys.... I’ve decided to try something more difficult. Fish discus was a big challenge for me, but unfortunately due to small available place, it was unrealistic.
I continued successfully in breeding of fish Paracheirodon innesi. During this period I found out how to mixed water for scruff and other chemical principles which should be followed. Of course I was using a lot of literature to improve myself in this field.
After leaving my hometown Bratislava, I’ve started to build a small fish farm in my own flat in Velky Krtis. Here step by step I was able to reproduce discus, scalar, ancisturus, colisias, guramas, apistogrammas, atd.
As fish farming was still my favourite hobby, I’ve decided to work in this field and I set up my own company.
Currently I’m focused on fish breeding of paracheirodon axelrodi. Occasionally I’m breeding two forms of papilichromis ramirezi.    
I’m producing thousands of fishes monthly and I’m co-operating with several businessmen in Europe.
Note: language/ Italian language- intermediate
  English language through interpreter